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This is the place to log in to your daily sales. Your daily sales will be uploaded no later than one hour after that day’s normal business hours. If you have any issues logging in or have a question you can email us at

Tips & Tricks for running a successful booth

Keep your booth as full as possible

If shoppers can see everything in your booth without stopping, they won’t stop. Give customers a reason to spend time inside of your booth.

Move stuff around

The majority of our sales are from repeat customers. We get a lot of people who like to spend time in here at least once a week just to see what is different. Even if this means moving the same merchandise from place to place, it will give your booth the appearance of having different merchandise, which is exactly what our “regulars” are looking for.

Stock your booth as often as possible

This is important for the same reason as the previous point. We cannot stress enough just how many familiar faces we see on a weekly basis. Give our most loyal customers more reasons to shop in your booth.

Keep your booth neat and organized

Nobody likes shopping in a dirty store, eating at a dirty restaurant, or shopping your messy booth. Keep your booth organized. You want a full booth, not a dirty one. Nothing will turn away your potential customer like a sloppy booth.

Keep your booth friendly to customers of all shapes and sizes

Use your space wisely, and keep your booth stocked as full as possible. However, one of the more common mistakes vendors make is having a little too much clutter, making it difficult for some customers to shop in their booth.